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happy old peopleYour family needs all the attention you can give. If he or she has special needs, caregiving can be all the more challenging. Our admiration goes out to you. We know how your love endures despite your loved one’s health issues and mobility difficulties. This is why we want to help.

At Amazing Angels Home Care, we specialize in assisting parents, caregivers or families who are caring for a developmentally disabled or medically-dependent loved one. Our services are the more affordable and less restrictive alternative to institutional care. You want your family to stay with you at home for as long as possible. With that, you can opt for waiver services and community based support programs that will make it easier for your situation.

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At Amazing Angels Home Care, our focus is in creating opportunities for medically-dependent and individuals with special needs to stay in their homes. At home, they are close to their family even during their therapy or over the course of health management.

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